MICC is pleased to announce that Eid-ul-Adha will be on Friday 31st July. MICC will be holding 3 jamaats that must be pre-booked online here: https://themordenmosque.eventbrite.com.

Jamaats will be at 8:00 - Hafiz Abdul Razak, 8:45 - Mufti Suhail Ahmed and 9.30 - Sheikh Bilal Patel.


Due to a change in Zoom, a password for Zoom classes is now required. The password for all classes is 111222.


Due to the on-going health crisis a number of changes have been made to arrangements in the Masjid.

UPDATE: THE MASJID IS NOW OPENED for regular salah. A number of rules and restrictions have been placed on us in order to be able to open as follows...

  • Door will be open 15mins before and after jammat times
  • Fard jamaat prayer only - sunnah/nafl prayers must be prayed at home
  • Bring your own prayer mat
  • Come with wudhu, wudhu facilities and bathrooms are closed
  • Bring a bag for shoes, shoe areas are closed, you must keep shoes in a bag with you
  • Social distancing measures MUST be adhered to at all times

If you wish to attend jummah salaah at MICC you MUST register via eventbrite the foloowing link:

1.15pm: https://themordenmosque.eventbrite.com

Same restrictions as listed above apply, see Jumu-ah Restrictions for full details.

All evening, weekend classes and gatherings have been cancelled for the time being.

We are assessing the situation daily and will provide any updates here as necessary.

Please see latest Merton Burial Guidelines during the pandemic.

Donations & Zakah

Every contribution that you make, however large or small, helps us hugely.

If you wish to make a one-off donation to help the mosque, you can do so with the following button:


Also here you can pay the following:


News and Events

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Jumu’ah – Limited

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Masjid Re-Opening

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Our Services


MICC provides facilities for the 5 daily prayers as well Jummua prayers and Taraweh/Qiyaam during Ramadhaan. The Masjid provides a capacity for over 1000 people over 3 floors catering for men and women.


A range of Islamic and secular education for both adults and children is available. For more details visit this page. MICC has a range of classes over weekday and weekends teaching Qur'an, islamic circles and many others.

Sunnah Sports

Sunnah Sports can provide the following activities at MICC, kickboxing, aerobics, 121 personal training and gym access for women. For men we can provide MMA/self defence, 121 personal training and gym access. For children we can provide cardio/self defence classes.

Marriage Services

MICC offers a range of marriage services, including nikkah and counselling. We are aiming to be able to conduct civil marriages within the MICC premises in the near future.

Funeral Services

MICC in partnership with Muslim Funeral Service now offers a complete funeral service to the local Muslim community. This includes: Ghusl, Kafan, Casket and cemetery arrangements. MICC can also arrange for the Janazah Prayer to take place at the centre. For further information please contact the Management at MICC.

Food Relief

Food Relief is a food bank operating under the registered charity Morden Islamic Community Centre (MICC), with the support of Merton Council. We serve the most vulnerable members of the entire community regardless of background.

Morden Islamic Community Centre

Morden Islamic Community Centre

MICC is a window of the registered charity Morden Islamic Centre. The charity has been serving the community since 2005. Initially the charity served the local community by offering its children Islamic education. The overwhelming response and pressure from the Morden area warranted a premise that would cater to the needs of the Muslim community beyond the education of its young. It was thus decided to initiate the prayers at 2a Crown Lane. For a few years the two halls, though cramped, managed to provide a focal point for the Muslims of the community. However, over the years the numbers would far exceed the capacity of 2a Crown Lane and the decision to move the venue to 116 London Road was made.

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