Jumu’ah Arrangements

From Friday 4th Dec the timings for Jumu’ah will be as follows,

Bayan in English : 12:30 (approx)
First Jamaat : 13:00
Second Jamaat 13:30

Bayan will be streamed on our social media channels and on the masjid radio system insha’Allah


Following Conditions Still Apply

1) Wear a Face mask covering your nose and mouth
2) Bring your own prayer mat
3) Bring a bag for your shoes
4) Come with Wudhu. (Facilities are closed)
5) Sign in on arrival and sanitise your hands
6) Social distance 1m+
7) Leave promptly and follow instructions

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Masjid Re-Opening 02/12/2020

UPDATE: THE MASJID IS NOW OPENED for regular salah. A number of rules and restrictions have been placed on us in order to be able to open as follows…

  • Door will be open 15mins before and after jamaat times
  • Fard jamaat prayer only – no sunnah/nafl prayers should be prayed
  • Bring your own prayer mat
  • Come with wudhu, wudhu facilities and bathrooms are closed
  • Bring a bag for shoes, shoe areas are closed, you must keep shoes in a bag with you
  • Social distancing measures MUST be adhered to at all times

Full rules and guidance can be seen on the attached poster. Arrangements for Jummua will be continue with the same restrictions as before this 2nd lockdown.

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Masjid Radio for Sale

MICC now have some stock for radios for the Masjid transmitter. Range is approximately 4 miles from the Masjid. The cost for the radios is £80.

During the pandemic lockdown, only the adhaan is being transmitted. InshaAllah, once the Masjid resumes normal services, all services will be trasmitted as usual.

Stocks are limited, please contact Brother Imran on 07890 663808 or email admin1@miconline.co.uk for details on how to purchase.

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