MICC Ramadan Appeal

MICC has been closed during Ramadan due to the recent outbreak of coronavirus. On average every Ramadan we tend to raise £20,000 to help with the running costs of our masjid. During the last ten nights we are targeting £5,000 through your generous donations

“Those who spend their wealth (in Allahs way) by night and day, in secret and in public, they shall have their reward with their Lord” [Quran 2:274]

With your kind donation, you can be the shining light that helps the masjid to continue in this unprecedented period.

Please donate via the link below,


Alternativley donations can be dropped off at the masjid between 11.00am and 1.00pm InshaAllah

(Please mark in an envelope what the money is for i.e Masjid, Zakat etc)

You can also visit the micc website to donate

Jazakumullahu khairan for your continued support

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Masjid Radio for Sale

MICC now have some stock for radios for the Masjid transmitter. Range is approximately 4 miles from the Masjid. The cost for the radios is £80.

During the pandemic lockdown, only the adhaan is being transmitted. InshaAllah, once the Masjid resumes normal services, all services will be trasmitted as usual.

Stocks are limited, please contact Brother Imran on 07890 663808 or email admin1@miconline.co.uk for details on how to purchase.

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MICC Appeal to renovate our Wudu and Bathroom Area

Morden Islamic Community Center

Appeal to renovate our Wudu and Bathroom Area

By the grace of Almighty Allah our center has become a very active hub for the local community providing a varying range of activities, education and support on top of the five daily Salah, Juma and Ramadhan programs.  To support all these activities we need to continue to invest in the upkeep of the center.  The basement area in the center that provides ablution and bathroom facilities is long overdue renovation.  Currently space is limited, there is no soundproofing from the masjid above and the area is prone to regular flooding.  Alhamdullilah the local community has again been very supportive and donated generously towards this appeal however we are still £4,000 short of our target.   We are looking for your support to help us raise the remaining funds to complete the renovation, Insha’Allah.  Your donation no matter how small will help towards this appeal and will be a great sadaqa-jariyah for you.
Please donate generously using the link below:


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Free Health Check for Ladies

Sunnah Sports is pleased to offer a free health check for ladies only every Sunday in April 1pm to 3.30pm (8th April to 29th April).

Checks for blood pressure, body mass index, cholesterol, fitness test, risk score and diet advice.

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Donations for Grenfell Incident

MICC will be accepting donations for the Grenfell fire incident. For the time being, only monetary donations are being accepted and MICC will decide how these donations are used based on the needs of the victims.

Please hand in any donations to MICC management or email admin1@miconline.co.uk for details.

In the meantime please liaise with various charities to volunteer assistance.

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Ramadhan Appeal for Syria

Please see attached poster for our Ramadhan Appeal for Syria and donate generously.

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Syria Winter Emergency Appeal

Please support our latest charity appeal – Syria Winter Emergency Appeal in conjunction with MICC. See attached poster for details.

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FREE Ladies only Weigh2Lose programme

Muslim Women of Merton will be working in collaboration with LiveWell Merton and Sunnah Sports to hold the first ever female only health workshops.
Battling the world of weight can be difficult at the best of times. Conflicting dietary advice, intimidating exercise regimes and making the time to successfully incorporate this into our daily lives can truly pose a challenge.

Thankfully Live Well Merton have partnered with Muslim Women of Merton to offer free (yes free!) workshops. Sessions start in early January at the Morden Islamic Community Centre. We’ll meet every Saturday morning 9.30-11.30 and sessions will include dietary advice from a qualified dietician and a subsequent exercise session with a qualified trainer. Best of all, you’ll feel completely comfortable, as we have a female instructor and there will be no music.

There are some criteria which need to be satisfied. This includes having a raised BMI (you can measure your BMI here: http://www.nhs.uk/tools/pages/healthyweightcalculator.aspx ). BMI if you’re an ethnic minority is 27.5 or higher and for everyone else is 30. Lastly you must have some connection to Merton(work, live or have a GP in the area) or live in Sutton. If you meet the brief or are unsure or even just plain interested, please contact Livewell mentioning us and they’ll organise everything else.

Livewell can be contacted at 020 8973 3545 or hrch.livewell@nhs.net
Looking forwards to seeing you all!

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Food Relief Ramadan 2016 Campaign

Please see poster for our Food Relief Ramadan 2016 campaign. Food Relief is a food charity/food bank based from MICC serving anyone in need of food regardless of background. Please see the Food Relief website
foodrelief.org.uk for more details.

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