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Ramadhan 2020/1441 Timetable

Please find attached this year’s Ramadhan timetable. Please note, that due to the current health crisis no prayers or taraweh will be performed.

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The Masjid and all facilities are now closed effective immediately, until further notice as instructed by local authorities.

Jummua and daily salah will NOT be performed. Masjid is now closed including all facilities including, all salahs, classes, events, gym and any gatherings.

We pray that Allah protects us all Thanking you for your continued support.

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Evening Classes Closed – Covid-19

Dear Parents,
Assalāmu Alaikum Warahmatullāhi Wabarakātuhu

Inshāllah this letter reaches you whilst you are in the best state of health and imān.

Due to the ongoing and unprecedented public health warnings, we will be closing our evening classes until the beginning of the third term at the earliest. This date may change so parents are requested to monitor our website for further guidance.

Insha’Allah, we will be contacting parents for Skype/alternative lesson arrangements.

We pray that Allah protects us all Thanking you for your continued support,

(Sh) Bilal Patel Imam/Head of Education

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Funeral Services by Kingston Muslim Association

Kingston Muslim Association have introduced a free funeral service for the Muslim community. See attached poster for details.

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Date Valley School Fundraising Dinner


Saturday 25th January 2020 4pm-10pm
London Heathrow Marriott Hotel
Three Course Meal

Special guests including:
– Shaykh Abu Bakr Al-Shatri
– Ustadh Abu Haneefah Sohail
– Hamza Tzortzis
– Iqbal Nasim
– Omar Esa

Early Bird Offer – £40

About Us

Date Valley School is committed to nurturing future leaders, scholars and thinkers.

This is a fantastic opportunity to help our work to continue into the future.

Attend an inspirational evening of reward with delicious food, entertainment and thought provoking talks.

Book your tickets now at https://bit.ly/2OXtGhY and help to make a difference.

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New Sunnah Sports 12+ Classes

New Sunnah Sports Classes- January 2020

Sunnah Sports
We have listened to your feedback & have extended our range of classes for children aged 12+ for both boys and girls. The classes are all due to start January 2020 subject to sufficient interest being registered & please do circulate leaflets amongst friends & family so we can make it a success shaa Allah.


👊🏾 | Fight obesity
🏋 | Gym memberships
🔊 | Promote good health
🏹 | Recreational activities
🤼‍♀ | Self defence & fitness classes

Please ensure you register for your place using the following link


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Have your say Ladies….

Have your say Ladies…. Join MWM on the next coffee morning this Thursday to add your opinion on the following points of discussion.

The questions will focus on: -The local area;
– the good, the bad and what improvements are needed;
-social infrastructure; -perceived barriers to involvement with local groups;
-local community aspirations of the future.

Think about your answers to these questions and join the discussion. Best time to shape the future.

Sabah & Aziza
Coffee Morning Coordinators

Background information: “The London Borough of Merton is developing a Sustainable Community Plan. A key area of focus for the plan will be to provide local support so that communities are stronger and where local people support and help each other. The borough has commissioned MEL Research to get feedback from those communities that are often not heard by the Council to ensure the Plan reflects their hopes, wishes and aspirations that they have for their local area.”
MEL Research Team.

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MICC Appeal to renovate our Wudu and Bathroom Area

Morden Islamic Community Center

Appeal to renovate our Wudu and Bathroom Area

By the grace of Almighty Allah our center has become a very active hub for the local community providing a varying range of activities, education and support on top of the five daily Salah, Juma and Ramadhan programs.  To support all these activities we need to continue to invest in the upkeep of the center.  The basement area in the center that provides ablution and bathroom facilities is long overdue renovation.  Currently space is limited, there is no soundproofing from the masjid above and the area is prone to regular flooding.  Alhamdullilah the local community has again been very supportive and donated generously towards this appeal however we are still £4,000 short of our target.   We are looking for your support to help us raise the remaining funds to complete the renovation, Insha’Allah.  Your donation no matter how small will help towards this appeal and will be a great sadaqa-jariyah for you.
Please donate generously using the link below:


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New Hifz Class at MICC

MICC is pleased to announce a new Hifz for boys and girls.

Classes are due to start on the 1st October 2019. Please register your interest by completing a form that can be collected from the masjid office.

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