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MICC Newsletter Issue 2

The MICC Newsletter Issue 2 for December 2015 is now available. Printed copies can be picked up from MICC or download a copy from here…

Newsletter Issue 2

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Diversi–Tea (Saturday 21 st November 2015)
This event was organised by the Muslim Women of Merton in coordination with Merton Council and MICC and took place at MICC Community Hall.

People listened to various talks on how to live together peacefully and at the same time were served with a Tea Ceremony with tea and treats from across the globe such as Moroccan Mint, Spiced Pakistani Chai, Chinese Green and let’s not forget the traditional English Tea… there was truly something for all types of taste bud!

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Welcome to the new website!

After many years the MICC website has finally been rebuilt and redesigned from scratch. We hope that you will find the new website far more informative and easier to use and in future much more content.

This is just a minimal launch version and inshaAllah over the coming weeks and months we are hoping to regularly add lots of new features and content.

We also ask that you contribute and report any issues, suggest any improvements or request new features in the comments section below.

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