Eid ul Fitr 2020

MICC is pleased to announce that Eid-ul-Fitr will be on Sunday 24th May. Due to the on-going health crisis, no Eid Salah will be taking place.

MICC management would like to take this opportunity wish the whole community Eid Mubarak.

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MICC Ramadan Appeal

MICC has been closed during Ramadan due to the recent outbreak of coronavirus. On average every Ramadan we tend to raise £20,000 to help with the running costs of our masjid. During the last ten nights we are targeting £5,000 through your generous donations

“Those who spend their wealth (in Allahs way) by night and day, in secret and in public, they shall have their reward with their Lord” [Quran 2:274]

With your kind donation, you can be the shining light that helps the masjid to continue in this unprecedented period.

Please donate via the link below,


Alternativley donations can be dropped off at the masjid between 11.00am and 1.00pm InshaAllah

(Please mark in an envelope what the money is for i.e Masjid, Zakat etc)

You can also visit the micc website to donate

Jazakumullahu khairan for your continued support

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Masjid Radio for Sale

MICC now have some stock for radios for the Masjid transmitter. Range is approximately 4 miles from the Masjid. The cost for the radios is £80.

During the pandemic lockdown, only the adhaan is being transmitted. InshaAllah, once the Masjid resumes normal services, all services will be trasmitted as usual.

Stocks are limited, please contact Brother Imran on 07890 663808 or email admin1@miconline.co.uk for details on how to purchase.

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