MICC Appeal to renovate our Wudu and Bathroom Area

Morden Islamic Community Center

Appeal to renovate our Wudu and Bathroom Area

By the grace of Almighty Allah our center has become a very active hub for the local community providing a varying range of activities, education and support on top of the five daily Salah, Juma and Ramadhan programs.  To support all these activities we need to continue to invest in the upkeep of the center.  The basement area in the center that provides ablution and bathroom facilities is long overdue renovation.  Currently space is limited, there is no soundproofing from the masjid above and the area is prone to regular flooding.  Alhamdullilah the local community has again been very supportive and donated generously towards this appeal however we are still £4,000 short of our target.   We are looking for your support to help us raise the remaining funds to complete the renovation, Insha’Allah.  Your donation no matter how small will help towards this appeal and will be a great sadaqa-jariyah for you.
Please donate generously using the link below:


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