Salah Timetable for September 2016

September 2016 Salah timetable.

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Tajweed and Memorisation Quran Classes

Mahir Bil Qur’an: Sunday 10:30am till Zuhr

Spend your Sunday mornings with the Qur’an, improve your relationship with Allah and benefit your daily life.

Level 1: This is for beginners who already know how to read the Qur’an but want to improve fluency, learn basic Tajweed rules, become more confident and simply enjoy the recitation. This is a group class.

Level 2: For those who already have studied basic Tajweed and have memorised some surahs but want to take it a little further. We have a list of 6 Surahs mentioned in various Ahadith for their virtues which you can memorise during the class.

Level 3: Ideal for people who are memorising the Qur’an and want to continue, or for those who have already finished memorising the Qur’an and want to revise with a teacher.

Qur’an translation and much more!

Call 07907 635 504 to apply. Very few places!


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