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On the 30th January 2016, Sunnah Sports with MICC had organised a health and nutrition workshop for sisters. The session was delivered by Sister Hafsa of HealthCrazee (Qualified Naturopath/Dietician/Blogger). Sister Hafsa has kindly written some words to summarise the worskhop…

Nutrition Workshop by Sister Hafsa

Why did we hold this seminar?
The rates of obesity are on the rise. Children are being affected more than ever before. The issue of being overweight needs to be addressed as this can eventually lead to obesity. We must be aware of the dangers and risk factors of being overweight.

What was discussed?
The topic of obesity was discussed and most importantly how we can tackle this pandemic for the benefit of ourselves and our families. It’s essential that we educate ourselves as well as act upon it. Lifestyle factors play a major role in reducing our weight- this includes increasing our physical activity as well as eating foods that are whole and healing to the body.

Do we really need to adapt to a healthy lifestyles?
Many fad diets can mislead people into thinking that this is the best way to loose weight. It’s only human to want to lose weight as quickly and efficiently as possible. So this is how fad diets sell themselves to you- of course there’s a chance that you may lose weight but there are a few things to consider. What about your health? Do you really think what you’re eating is nutritious for the body? Your body systems are 12. And each will be affected by what you consume. Is it really worth continuing to eat unhealthy until you begin to suffer from an illness that leaves you no choice but to adapt to a healthier lifestyle. We should start NOW to avoid the potential consequences of an unhealthy diet and inactive lifestyle.

How can we implement a healthy lifestyle?
With the right guidance and help from health professionals and services, living a healthy lifestyle isn’t as tough as many seem to think. Sunnahsports currently offer many services to help you increase your level of physical activity, whether that’s with the use of the gym facility, kickboxing classes and so much more. As a naturopathic nutritionist my goal is to help my clients achieve optimal health and to free themselves of disease by adapting to a healthy lifestyle that includes introducing floods that will heal and reducing foods that will harm. The additional support of supplements can help you to increase the time of healing to help you reach optimal health as quickly as possible! Many health problems and disease can also interfere with achieving optimal health but this is never an obstacle and can always be dealt with naturally. The prophet saw said: ‘There is no disease that Allah created except that he also created its remedy’.

Nutritional consultation details:
First consultation, 2 hours- £45
Follow up consultations, 1 hour- £30

Location: The London Cupping Clinic.
Alternatively home visits can be arranged. (Additional charge of £5 for this service).


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